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Powerful, Practical and Customized
Action Learning and Coaching Groups

Action Learning is proven to be a powerful and practical process for addressing complex problems and opportunities – and learning at the same time. The process benefits individuals, teams and organizations of all types.

Action Learning Source is an alliance of Appleby & Associates and Authenticity Consulting, LLC. We are some of the most highly experienced Action Learning and group coaching providers in the world. We have decades of experience in customizing and facilitating programs, and in certifying learners, for a wide variety of outcomes and applications around the world.

Action Learning Source provides highly interactive workshops on each of the most important activities in highly customizing Action Learning and group coaching and for a variety of different outcomes and applications. Our workshops teach a variety of different designs and formats of Action Learning -- Action Learning should not be an overly restrictive process used the same way in every application with every client.

We value the practicality, adaptability and accessibility of Action Learning for many applications, including group coaching. We customize a variety of approaches and designs in our many services and trainings – always to meet the nature and needs of our clients. Some of our applications are so innovative that they not yet listed in the literature.

We can integrate a variety of development methods in our Action Learning and group coaching, for example, virtual technologies, appreciative inquiry and design thinking. We are careful to closely integrate and align those methods to always be meeting the needs of our clients.

Please explore our website to learn more about Action Learning and group coaching, our services and trainings, and about us. We hope that we have the privilege of serving you.

Thank you!

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